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We’re a student-run group who bring theatre (typically daft theatre) to those who don’t normally get the chance to see it, like special needs schools and retirement homes. We also do public shows to raise money for various charities.

We generally perform one or two comedy shows a term, whether plays, musicals, or sketch shows. All of these are written, directed and produced by members of the society, often first-timers. At the moment we’re operating online and doing radio plays, but they are just as silly and fun as our previous work and mean you can be part of theatre from the comfort of your own room!

Are our dramatics amateur beyond belief? Yes. Was the last Varsity match called a draw due to a lack of line learning? Yes.

Sam Raby, The Cambridge Student

We also just like hanging out with each other. We go see shows put on by our sister society in Oxford, OULES, and they come to see us. We usually have a camping trip to somewhere with forests or mountains in the summer, and a three-day-long New Year’s party together. Some of us head up to the Edinburgh Fringe in August to do a more professional show (also normally daft), with things like actual theatres, budgets, sometimes even rehearsals.