Welcome (back) to CULES! This term we are working on two big projects: the live stage adaptation of our VOLES 2021 radioshow That’s The Spirit!, and a smaller, Wodehouse-esque comedy A Prior Engagement that we’re taking around some sheltered living facilities in Cambridge!

There’re plenty of roles for everyone to get involved, no matter your experience! First of all, every show needs a…


We’re looking for:

  • Producers (aka the spreadsheet wizards)
  • Directors and Assistant Directors (folk with Opinions)
  • Musical Director (music-related dictator)
  • Stage Managers/Set Designers (arts & crafts department)
  • Graphics and Publicity (artistry and memes)
  • Costume Designer (low-budget chic!)

Even if you’ve never tried any of these, if you have Enthusiasm, our friendly committee will show you the ropes! Check out our application pack for more details!


SIGN UP HERE to audition! The auditions will be at 7pm on Sunday (9 October) at Newnham’s Old Labs. As usual, there’s nothing you need to prepare and it’s a fun group activity: we all take turns reading different characters, and if you don’t feel comfortable volunteering, you can just come to laugh along.

It’s important to sign up by Saturday (8 October) so we can send you more information, including extract previews (though there is no expectation whatsoever for you to be familiar with them!).

A drawing of a pink gem in the shape of a heart over the background of ble skies and clouds. The text in the middle of the heart says "That's the Spirit!" in purple italics