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Year: 2023

Summer Update 2023: Celebrations & Crew Calls!

We hope you’ve all had a restful summer as a new academic year looms in the near distance! The fun doesn’t stop during the summer for CULES, though, so read on to see what we’ve been up to since the end of Easter term!

Garden Party & Celebrating 65 Years

Our annual Garden Party was extra special this year, as we celebrated 65 years of Light Entertainment history. It was a wonderful afternoon of CULES, old and new, reuniting to celebrate the achievements of the society! We performed all sorts of sketches, and even had some musical performances to spice things up. As ever, the DAFTA winners were announced at the party –congratulations to all who won!

CULES’ Archives

Speaking of DAFTAs, have you ever wanted to spend your evening reading about every DAFTA award since 2020? Now, you can do just that! All winners since 2020 have been archived on the website under Theatrical Archives. We want to continue to archive important moments in the society’s history, so if you have any knowledge of such moments, please get in touch with our Webmattress at!

VOLES 2023 – A Fever Dream

VOLES is back for the third show since the Great Revival! This year’s show is a sketch show themed around fever dreams and Freudian therapists, featuring sketches such as “One Person’s Heaven…” and “Socks with Souls”. It’s shaping up to be another fantastic show, so watch this space for more details!

Crew Call for Michaelmas 2023

Our Michaelmas Term show, Christmas Calamities, is seeking a core production team! Click here for more information. No experience necessary, just sheer enthusiasm – we’re always happy to show people the ropes!

And that’s what you missed on CULES! Keep your eyes peeled for audition details for our upcoming show, and don’t forget to say hi to us at Freshers’ Fair on the 3rd & 4th October!


16-18th February, 18:30 at Churchill College

A true fan will remember our VOLES radioshow by the same name from 2021. BEHOLD: now you can see it live on a stage, with actual real people in real time performing it for you pleasure!

For those of you still unsure of what’s happening, what’s happening is a queer cottagecore musical romcom about dating sims, and you can RESERVE YOUR TICKETS NOW (FOR FREE!), as well as donate any amount you feel able to the TRUSSELL TRUST, to support foodbanks across the UK and help end hunger in the UK.

A poster with the title "That's The Spirit" in a colourful whimsical font. Underneath three people are sat against a stripy rainbow background. Avery, a white person with short blond hair wearing non-binary face paint with a blue striped shirt with a trans pride pin, a red bowtie, and red trousers; Hazel, a brown woman with short dark curly hair wearing a white ruffled top and green dungarees with a lesbian pride pin; and Oli, a white man with short brown hair wearing blue jeans and a red hoodie with a rainbow pin and an aro/ace pride pin. They're all holding gaming controls, and Hazel is hugging a white fluffy cat plush
Art by Ted (Táeodor) Graham

Have you ever dreamed of ditching your degree for the wonderful world of video games? So has Hazel Hadley. Insecure and generally miserable with the state of her life, a queer cottagecore dating sim is the one place she can truly be herself. So when a freak storm makes her beloved game her reality, Hazel and her two best friends quickly realise their only path to freedom is for Hazel to make someone fall in love with her. When the real world and the digital world collide, it’s time for all three of them to face the music, do some yoga, bake some pies, and discover just how much of their true selves they’ve been suppressing. A lighthearted feel-good tale of self-discovery and queer romance awaits!

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