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Michaelmas 2020: Magic, Music, Sheep… And Chainsaw Dolphins!?

Cambridge University Light Entertainment Society are continuing our nonsense and silliness with our (still remote) Michaelmas term productions: “Whitebeam, Aspen and Shape” – a magical radio musical by Charlotte Vine, “As Yet Untitled” – a short comedy radio play by Annabel Jupp, and “Nothing To See Here Either (Now With Sheep!)” – a sketch show featuring sketches by Anna Trowby, Kit Livsey and Louis Davies.

This Michaelmas term, we will be raising money for Refuge, a charity which supports those experiencing domestic violence. Though our radio shows will be totally free to access, we invite you to donate whatever you can to our fundraiser. Anything is much appreciated!

Whitebeam, Aspen, and Shape

2pm, 20 December 2020 on YouTube

At first glance, Rowan Whitebeam is a rather ordinary witch in every way. But what most do not know is that for many years, Rowan’s been haunted by an insufferably sassy demon which they’re desperate to be rid of. 

Just how far will Rowan go in their exorcism attempts? How many songs will they break into for absolutely no good reason? And why did one of our cast members have to photoshop their face onto a squirrel?? Join us on this fantasy radio-adventure at the grand YouTube premiere to find out!

As Yet Untitled

6pm, 15 December on CamFM and YouTube

Have you ever tried to write a novel? It’s not easy, is it? Lydia knows this first hand, as do her characters. Join Lydia in her strange mind as her characters take apart her every idea – and turn her plot on its head with their strange schemes and bizarre accents…

Nothing to See Here Either (Now With Sheep!)

8.30pm, 11 December 2020 on CamFM and YouTube

You’ve heard of Nothing to See Here – but what’s this now? Nothing to See Here Either, except this time there are sheep! More absurdity, more chaos, more things not to be seen – conspiracy theories, tannoys, mysterious train journeys and – ah yes, sheep! – we have them all…

Easter 2020: The Return of the CULES!

We’re very excited to announce the Cambridge University Light Entertainment Society’s (remote) Easter term productions: “In The Nick Of Time” – a comedy radioplay by Grace Beckett and Henry Weighill, and “Nothing To See Here” – a sketch show featuring sketches by Gregory Miller, Anna Trowby and Ido Rosen.

After a very brief hiatus, CULES is making a grand (albeit rather poorly timed) return. Though we are in uncertain and unprecedented times, CULES will always strive to bring a smile to your face and provide fun, silly comedy theatre where it is most needed. This Easter term, we will be raising money for The Trussell Trust, a charity battling hunger and poverty throughout the UK. Though our radio shows will be totally free to access, we invite you to donate whatever you can to our fundraiser. Anything is appreciated!

In The Nick Of Time

7pm, 8 June 2020 on CamFM and YouTube

What happens when four World War II Bletchley Park codebreakers are accidentally transported into the 21st century? Bravery, valour, and indefatigable courage abounds? Not bloody likely! Follow this hapless foursome as they navigate the perils of the modern world, encountering everything from malicious train conductors to aged professors on a whirlwind adventure through the Home Counties! But with Britain’s entire war effort at stake, will they make it back… before it’s too late?

Nothing To See Here!

7pm, 2 June 2020 on CamFM and YouTube

Or check it out on Spotify!

Have you ever fancied listening to a sketch show? If so, now’s your time. Yes, you can listen to a sketch show which follows every twitch and flutter of the brain, moving from Vacuum cleaners to bananas, haunted hotels to suspect sandwich makers, from a strange dating app to an even stranger fashion editor. But you’ll never see any of it.

Then again, you don’t need to. The sound waves will paint vivid pictures in your mind, pictures so vivid that you won’t be able to get them out of your mind. Even when you dream, you’ll dream of sandwiches, bananas and all other forms of witty shenanigans. Now, do we know for certain that this will happen? No. Is it based on any evidence at all? No. But here’s one thing that can be promised. This show will be wacky, and it will feature all the above things mentioned. Make of that what you will. You have been warned!

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