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16-18th February, 18:30 at Churchill College

A true fan will remember our VOLES radioshow by the same name from 2021. BEHOLD: now you can see it live on a stage, with actual real people in real time performing it for you pleasure!

For those of you still unsure of what’s happening, what’s happening is a queer cottagecore musical romcom about dating sims, and you can RESERVE YOUR TICKETS NOW (FOR FREE!), as well as donate any amount you feel able to the TRUSSELL TRUST, to support foodbanks across the UK and help end hunger in the UK.

A poster with the title "That's The Spirit" in a colourful whimsical font. Underneath three people are sat against a stripy rainbow background. Avery, a white person with short blond hair wearing non-binary face paint with a blue striped shirt with a trans pride pin, a red bowtie, and red trousers; Hazel, a brown woman with short dark curly hair wearing a white ruffled top and green dungarees with a lesbian pride pin; and Oli, a white man with short brown hair wearing blue jeans and a red hoodie with a rainbow pin and an aro/ace pride pin. They're all holding gaming controls, and Hazel is hugging a white fluffy cat plush
Art by Ted (Táeodor) Graham

Have you ever dreamed of ditching your degree for the wonderful world of video games? So has Hazel Hadley. Insecure and generally miserable with the state of her life, a queer cottagecore dating sim is the one place she can truly be herself. So when a freak storm makes her beloved game her reality, Hazel and her two best friends quickly realise their only path to freedom is for Hazel to make someone fall in love with her. When the real world and the digital world collide, it’s time for all three of them to face the music, do some yoga, bake some pies, and discover just how much of their true selves they’ve been suppressing. A lighthearted feel-good tale of self-discovery and queer romance awaits!

Lent 2022: It’s “Light” Entertainment if we say it is…?

Our newest podcast might not be quite our usual kind of show. Indeed, the lightness of this 6-episode gritty drama could be questioned. BUT, we say, who does not enjoy a good fantasy epic to dive into? And it features a hilarious griffin who simply loves salmon, so oh what if there is a blimp crash or two? Right?..

Well, either way brace yourself and hold onto your seats as you dive into this dieselpunk fantasy adventure! And dive you may, into a body of water platform of your choice, as “From The Ruins” is available on both YouTube and Spotify. Here’s what you are in for:

Dagger is just another kid from the Warren, resourceful, quick-witted, and with very few prospects of a bright future. But they are a dreamer, of an exceedingly naive sort. Fifteen years ago, they quite literally fell from the sky over the city of Guilderstone, injured, afraid and with no memory of who they used to be. Yet despite all odds, they survived, and after such an outcome, who can blame them for believing all sorts of ridiculous notions. They believe that one day they will make the Upper Quarter and Mage Guild of Guilderstone see the injustice of the hardships the Warren must face; they believe that their posh Upper Quarter boyfriend is truly in love with them and will share their passion for just change; they might even believe that the strange necklace that was with them for as long as they remember might one day give them answers about their true past. What they don’t suspect is just how deep such dreams will lead them into the political intrigues of Stormheath, through secrets dark and best left forgotten, and towards mysteries of lost magic that would determine the fate of the whole world.

As usual, our theatrical efforts are for charity, and this term we kindly ask you to help us support the British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal.

And if you wish to know more, why not check out dedicated Facebook Page!

Michaelmas(ish) 2021 (mostly): The End of the World (again)

This festive season, buckle up for the action-archaeology adventure of the century! We’ve got passion, we’ve got parrots, we’ve got pineapples… what more could you ask for? Plus it’s all in aid of Wintercomfort – so you too can join our heroes in saving the world; donate today and do your bit! The adventure begins December 15th in… Arizona James and the Restorers of the Stolen Urn!

But wait! That’s not all… by royal decree, the show shall (and did) go on, as The Prophecy of Destiny finally came to A Theatre Near You at the start of Lent 2022. That’s right CULES is back, baby! Lovely, loud, and LIVElier than ever!

In spite of the inauspicious alignment of the stars, the machinations of the Evil Wizard interfering with our venue finding, and a few bicycle- and/or troll-related injuries among our cast – the Prophecy was Fulfilled… sort of? A big round of thanks to everyone who made this triumphant return to stage a reality!

Wintercomfort is an information, advice, training and support centre in Cambridge for those who are homeless or vulnerably housed. Please give as generously as you can – as they say, charity begins at home, and this Cambridge charity is more important than ever now, as we bundle up for another pandemic-worsened winter… Thank you for your support!

The Prophecy of Destiny

7pm, February 3rd-5th at the Wolfson Hall, Churchill College

As the scrolls have foretold, King Valiant’s great great granddaughter and her husband will defeat the Grand Mage’s great great grandson, thereby saving the Kingdom from certain doom. Princess Destiny has always known what she was born to do – in general terms of defeating great great grandsons, anyway…

Sadly, it seems that she first requires a husband – an unfortunate technicality, as she’s not so much into dashing male heirs to the throne as into peasant girls of revolutionary inclinations… Still, Fate is not to be argued with. Or is it?

Arizona James and the Restorers of the Stolen Urn

7pm, December 15th on YouTube!

It was an offer she couldn’t refuse. When a struggling arts graduate Arizona is hired to steal a priceless urn from a world-famous museum, her eccentric boss puts together an unlikely team of thieves: a hyperactive teen, a film geek, and *checks notes*… a polyamorous car salesman?

Well, one bad decision isn’t the end of the world… or is it? With the international authorities on their heels, the crew must go on a quest over ranges and rivers, through sacred temples and airport security, to stop the apocalypse. But with time running out, can these archaeologically-inclined friends really solve the ancient mystery of the great bird-god Kevin? Or will the world as we know it be history…

Summer 2021: VOLES Unite!

This summer, Cambridge University Light Entertainment Society and Oxford University Light Entertainment Society united under a common cause – putting the amateur back into amateur dramatics. We are, therefore, proud to present the perfectly queer and cottagecore delight that is That’s The Spirit!

Life’s not all fun and games though – and so, on a more serious note, we invite you to join us in supporting this term’s charity of choice: The NEC Society! In the words of our very own Linseigh Green, a long-standing advocate for the Society:

“Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a rare, often fatal gastrointestinal disease that occurs in newborns. We still don’t really understand it, and we don’t know how to prevent it. The NEC Society is one of the few organizations in the world dedicated towards NEC research, prevention, education, and advocacy. I serve as the nonprofit’s Outreach Manager, because I survived NEC in 1997. I am really fortunate, not only because survival was even less common back then, but because I am considered ‘high functioning.’

I know survivors with cerebral palsy; nine-year-olds with the development of 6-to-9-month-olds; a teenager who died of long term complications. Many of us struggle to get care for these long-term issues, because hardly any research has been done to understand them.

Babies are dying and survivors are struggling with uncertain futures. If people don’t know a rare disease exists, they won’t support efforts to fight it. Whether you give £5, £50, or simply tell a friend about NEC, you are helping us save the lives of newborns and improve the lives of patients like me.”

That’s The Spirit!

7pm, October 11th on YouTube!

When Hazel and her two best friends enter an online gaming tournament, things don’t exactly go to plan… and then the storm hits. Finding themselves – inexplicably – trapped in a wholesome, cottagecore dating simulator, their only hope is to win the game. To find their freedom, they must pass all the challenges and make someone fall in love with them…Easy, right?

The only problem: Hazel’s flirting skills are Truly Terrible. Or are they? Or was the real love the friendship they found along the way? As buns and bullies abound, only one thing’s for certain… A whimsical tale of self-discovery, true love, and countryside capers awaits!

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